The Brussels Beer Challengetravels to Turnhout!

In 2022, Eupen became the capital of the world’s most passionate brewers, when the city hosted the eleventh Brussels Beer Challenge. 

This year, the city of Turnhout is due to welcome the Brussels Beer Challenge. Turnhout is seen as the capital of the Antwerp Kempen, with many tourist attractions and beautiful natural surroundings.  The city is famous for its history, rich folklore and cultural life. Turnhout is also a lively city due to the numerous events held all year round. Such a vibrant location makes the perfect setting for hosting Belgium’s leading beer-centric event.

And last but not least, for all those who love gastronomy and the art of fine living, this is the place to be – the many restaurants and cafés offer a broad-ranging choice with something for everyone.

The tasting sessions will be held on October 29/30 & 31 in the prestigious ‘Paterspand’ in the centre of Turnhout.