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There is a big difference between drinking a beer and tasting a beer professionally. While drinking a beer, the focus is on quenching thirst and enjoyment. Whether a person enjoys a particular beer is a matter of personal taste and circumstances. In a busy noisy pub together with friends at the bar, it basically matters less which beer one drinks. The social interaction takes precedence over the quality and taste of the beer. In a specialised beer pub, one goes in search of a specific beer with a particular flavour. Enjoying the beer is paramount.

While professionally tasting a beer, it comes down to describing the beer objectively without personal value judgements. This requires, knowledge, training and experience.

A seriously fun job

Off course, beer tasting is fun. Even beer judging is fun, but it’s a real serious job conducted by qualified professionals.

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The BBC team will select judges from a list of internationally recognized press consultants, industry suppliers and writers. These individuals have been selected based on :

  • Industry and peer recognition

  • Knowledge of beer styles and the brewing process

  • Flavour perception

  • Sensory training and prior judging or beer evaluation experience

  • Judging demeanor

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