Jury members
Abt Enguerrand France

Regional Sales Manager at Fermentis Lesaffre

Aggarwal Karina India

Director at Gigglewater Beverage Concepts – Vice-President of India Craft Spirit Co.

Agrestini Alessandra Italy

Beer teacher – Beer writer – Event coordinator

Amato Mirella Canada

Beer educator – Consultant & author – Master Cicerone

Amstein Yan Switzerland

Director of Amstein SA (beer, wine & spirits distribution) – Member of Digitaldrink AG – Member of Swissdrink

Barbera Thomas France

Manager at Drapeau Rouge Bar – Beer Blogger – CEO at Happy Beer Time – Certified Cicerone

Beaumont Stephen Canada

Freelance writer & author

Betz Markus Austria

Beer Sommelier – Category Manager Craft Beer & Craft Cider at Rudolf Ammersin GesmbH – Founder & CEO at BeeLovers

Blanco Agus Spain

Certified Beer Judge BJCP – Spirits & Beer communicator

Boan Nico Argentina

Judge Director at Copa Argentina de Cervezas Certified BJCP – CBS Cicerone

Bodeux Jean-Luc Belgium

Journalist & Author

Brooks Jay United States

Beer journalist – Author – Educator – Newspaper columnist

Cantoni Simone Italy

Beer judge & consultant

Cleenewerck Axel Belgium

Beer journalist at press agency Belga

Cole Melissa United Kingdom

Beer, food & drinks writer – Author

Colla Daiane Brazil

Journalist and beer sommelier – Event manager in beer field – Teacher at the Escola Superior de Cerveza e Malte and at the Instituto Ceres – Ambassador for Brussels Beer Challenge in Brazil

Collin Sonia Belgium

Teacher at Université Catholique de Louvain – LIBST Institute – AGRO – Laboratoire de brasserie et des industries alimentaires

D’Hollander Helene Belgium

Category Manager Drinks & Beers at Delhaize

Dabove Lorenzo Italy

Professional beer taster – Beer writer & teacher

Davies Paul United Kingdom

Director at AleHunters

De Lange Fiona Netherlands

Beer writer – Beer judge – Graduated Zythologist (Syntra) and Doemens Beer Sommelier

De Rouck Gert Belgium

Manager pilot brewery at KU Leuven – Master brewer – PhD in Bioscience Engineering

Delsart Jose Belgium

Beer retailer @Delsart distribution

Delvaux Filip Belgium

Owner Biercentrum De Kroon

Duffy John Ireland

Beer communicant at The Beer Nut

Gatz Sven Belgium

Minister of the Government of the Brussels Region

Gelender Michael Belgium

Directeur at Brewpark

Giaccone Luca Italy

Beer writer & editor of Birre d’Italia Slow Food

Hayen Dirk Belgium

Owner at Bier En Meer Guide at Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie

Janssens Philippe Belgium

Technical Manager Brewer @ Fermentis Lesaffre

Jensen Bo Denmark

Beer taster – International beer judge and member of Danish Beer Judge Association

Jugé Philippe France

Director at Planète Bière tradeshow

Kääriäinen Pekka Finland

Board Member at Bryggeri Helsinki

Kaji Masayoshi Japan

Pub manager in Yokohama – Beer judge

Kaminski Marek Poland

Co-Founder & President at Polish Craft Brewers Association

Kempen Rick Netherlands

Beer Ambassador at Bier&cO

Kikuta Yuji Japan

Certified Senior Beer Judge

Kins Carl Belgium

Beer expert – International beer judge

Kittl Kilian Germany

Consultant at Private Brauereien Bayern e. V.

Kopp Matthias Netherlands

Manager @ Hollands Hophius BV – Beer judge

Kopp Sylvia Germany

Independent beer sommelier – Beer writer – Consultant

Kumagai Yuichi Japan

International beer judge

Langenaeken Niels Belgium

Programme manager – Postgraduate Programme Malting and Brewing Sciences

Lefevre Sara United States

Co-founder of Barranco Beer Company in Lima, Peru – Andalusian globe trotter – Beer judge

Lehtinen Anikó Finland

Journalist – Beer Expert – VTM – Lecturer Laurea AMK

Leonardi Agus Argentina

Chemical Engineer – Ph.D. in Materials Science – Beer judge

Lhoest Kevin Belgium

Consultant & Zythologist

Liang Lu Erik China

Sake and Wine Connoisseur – WSET Level 3 Award in Sake – International Certified Beer Sommelier

Lichota Jan Poland

Beer lawyer & journalist

Linden Jacob Sweden

Managing Director at One Pint Brands

Liza Diaz Eduardo Peru

R&D Project Management – Beer & Brewing – Fermentis Lesafre

Loux Hervé France

Beer consultant – Beer journalist – Beer sommelier Doemens

Maestrelli Maurizio Italy

Journalist – Editor in Chief of “Il Barman” – Beer writer – Beer judge

Marconi Giorgio Angelo Italy

Beer taster – Beer judge – Consultant

Merlo Douglas Brazil

Doemens Beer Sommelier – BJCP Member – Mixologist and Brazilian National Beer Competition Technical Director

Meulemans Stéphane Belgium

General Manager at Fermentis

Meybom Machado Fernanda Brazil

Beer sommelier – Chemical Engineer – BJCP Certified Beer Judge – Professor at Escola Superior de Cerveja e Malte – Beer Writer

Morrison Lisa United States

Owner at Belmont Station Bottle Shop & Biercafe – Beer author – Columnist – Educator – Event organizer & certified MBA Beer Steward

Nouwen Charles Belgium

Brewing Engineer Advanced Cicerone @beerisaconversation peertobeer.net

Ojeda Selamé Jaime Chile

Founder at Conespuma

Olachea Francisco Mexico

Biochemical Engineer – BJCP Beer&Mead Judge – Certified Cicerone® – Master Mezcalier – Cigar Sommelier and Sommelier from the Mexican Sommelier Association

Panicker Shweta Netherlands

Country Manager – The Netherlands at Kegstar

Pattyn Joris Belgium

Beer writer – Author – Beer judge – Member MGBJ

Peck Cristal Australia

Brew Master – Malt Specialist at Boortmalt Innovation Center

Pellicciari Eugenio Italy

Co-founder at Italian Hops Company

Peplow Lotte United Kingdom

Brewers Association American Craft Beer Ambassador

Pereiro Pablo Uruguay

Founder @ Escuela de Cerveza del Centro Cervecero – Beer judge

Philipsen Marco Netherlands

Managing Director Mitra Beer Sommelier & Beer Writer

Picard Maryse Canada

Cellar master at ‘La cave à bière à L’Empire du malt’

Pizarro Felipe Chile

Embajador Cerveceria Kross – Certified Cicerone®️ – Doemens Beer Sommelier – Sommelier Professional / WSET 3 – Advanced

Rauhe Michael Italy

Area Sales Manager @CFT Group

Raupach Markus Germany

Owner at BrewCab

Reuchlin Henri Netherlands

Director StiBON Beer Education, owner BIERburo

Riva Simonmattia Italy

Doemens certified Biersommelier – Biersommelier World Champion 2015 – Owner of Beer Garage beer pub

Schalow Suzanne United States

CEO at Craft Beer Cellar

Slosberg Pete United States

Creator of Pete’s Wicked Ale – Beer book author – Beer reviewer & co-creator of the South Beer Cup in South America

Suran Jan Czech Republic

Czech & Moravian Association of Small Brewers

Symolka Sebastian Luxembourg

Beershop owner & Zythologist

Titzlova Marcela Czech Republic

Biersommelier Doemens – Editor of Pivo – Czech Republic

Turco Andrea Italy

Freelance Consultant in the beer market – Lecturer – Judge – Event organizer – Founder of Cronache di Birra

Unson Kim South Korea

Korea Beer Sommelier Association Educational Director

Urban Andreas Austria

Brau Union Österreich AG

Van Herreweghen Willem Belgium

Beer consultant

Vanrafelghem Sofie Belgium

Beer author – Beer columnist – Founder of Women and Beer (Belgium) – Beer educator (CVO)

Vogel Fedor Netherlands

Birdy Publishing – Editor at Bier! Magazine – Brouw! Magazine and Bierradio.nl

Walsh Derek Netherlands

BJCP Master beer judge – Doemens Diplom Beer Sommelier – Consultant

Webb Tim United Kingdom

Freelance writer & publisher – Broadcaster

Wijnhoven Ferry Netherlands

Beer blogger – Founder of Beer Geeks Community

Witte Neil New Zealand

Owner/Founder at TapStar – Draft beer specialist – Master Cicerone

Wolff Daniel Brazil

Beer importer – Founder and CEO at Mestre-Cervejeiro.com – Beer sommelier