The Brussels Beer Challenge is an annual international beer competition. First and foremost, the Brussels Beer Challenge is designed as a professional  competition among brewers. The Brussels Beer Challenge is a platform for international brewers to network and actively promote their product. In addition, the competition aims to support the culture of beer.

Over three days,  a panel of 80 internationally renowned beer experts will judge 1,800 beers from all corners of the world. Entries  are subdivided into categories based on origin, typology and style, and are then tasted. At the end of the three tasting days, the best beers in each category are awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal.

This medal is used by the brewers as a quality label and marketing tool. In this sense, Brussels Beer Challenge is a guide for consumers looking for quality and delicious beers.

Why Participate

The panel of the Brussels Beer Challenge consists of  international beer experts. Breweries that sign up can count on a thorough analysis of their beer. Beers that awarded a medal can count on a substantial media attention and international recognition. In addition, the Brussels Beer Challenge is the best opportunity to expand their network and to get innovative ideas.

Enhanced visibility


Thanks to the international character of the event,  visibility is enhanced both for the competition and medal-winning beers.

International exposure


With media partners in the world’s leading markets, it ensures truly global exposure.

 Communication campaigns


A trained public relations and press team promotes the competition and showcases award winners all year round. It develops high-impact, targeted communications in a range of markets allowing the spotlight to be turned on award-winning beers.