The World’s top beers gathered in one place

The Brussels Beer Challenge is an annual international beer competition. First and foremost, the Brussels Beer Challenge is designed as a professional competition among brewers.

The Brussels Beer Challenge is a platform for international brewers to network and actively promote their product. In addition, the competition aims to support the culture of beer.

judged by experts

3 days event

During three days, a panel of 100 internationally renowned beer experts will judge 1,800 beers from all corners of the world. The participating are subdivided into categories based on origin, typology and style, and are then tasted. At the end of the three tasting days, the best beers in each category are awarded with a gold, silver or bronze medal.

This medal is used by the brewers as a quality label and marketing tool. In this sense, Brussels Beer Challenge is a guide for consumers looking for quality and delicious beers.