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El Brussels Beer Challenge, el primer concurso profesional dedicado a la cerveza en Bélgica fue fundado en 2012 por Becomev (Beer, Communications and events), una empresa creada a raíz del creciente interés por la cultura cervecera y dirigida por Luc De Raedemaeker y Thomas Costenoble.

La primera edición del Brussels Beer Challenge tuvo lugar en 2012 en la Bolsa de Bruselas. Desde entonces, el evento tiene un carácter itinerante y se celebra en las ciudades belgas más prestigiosas.

Nuestra misión

Un sello de calidad que transmite confianza

Ofrecer a los consumidores un sello de calidad otorgado por reconocidos profesionales.

Los consumidores necesitan indicadores y referencias que los acompañen en sus decisiones.

Promover las cervezas de calidad y fomentar la emulación dentro de la producción

La tendencia del mercado apunta a una vuelta a la tradición y a una producción de calidad. Los cerveceros aspiran a productos innovadores y cualitativos para fidelizar a sus clientes aficionados y abrir nuevos mercados. Obtener un premio en el Brussels Beer Challenge es un reconocimiento a la labor realizada.

Proporcionar a los productores de cerveza una herramienta de promoción y de marketing.

El carácter internacional del Brussels Beer Challenge ofrece importantes oportunidades para abrir nuevos mercados. Los productores premiados podrán beneficiarse de una gran visibilidad y aprovechar su premio como un activo de crecimiento y una herramienta de marketing por excelencia.


en inglés

The Brussels Beer Challenge is one of the most important beer competitions in the World. It is from the Beer Land with the best beer experts of the moment.
Daniel Wolff, Beer store chain owner-BR
The Brussels Beer Challenge, is probably the best beer competition, because it’s organized in an amazingly small country with the the most inspiring beers!
Krishan Maudgal , Director Belgian Brewers-BE
Brussels Beer Challenge is a very objective arrangement made by one of the best organisations in the world today. I have been a judge in several competitions and I find BBC as one of the best and most qualified.
Carsten Berthelsen , Beer author-DAN
For me the BBC is a competition with an new, refreshing concept among all competitions I am participating as judge, because every beer is judged by this one and not compared with others. The comments from the judge are really helpful for the brewers afterwards to develop their beers. I like also the idea to have journalists, authors, beer experts etc. in the jury, this is a emotional and exciting atmosphere for beer tasting.
Sandra Ganzenmüller , DE
The BBC has managed to develop credibility with the industry in short time. Many competitions have tried, few have succeeded.
Philippe Wouters , Beer author-CA
Brussels Beer Challenge, in less than five years, has become one of the most relevant international beer competitions. Continuously increasing numbers (beers, countries and judges) are the demonstration of how brilliantly the organization works and how much prestige a beer country as Belgium and an international jury can assure to a competition".
Maurizio Maestrelli , Beer journalist- IT
Brussels Beer Challenge, a serious and objective contest with the Belgian spirit, we have waited for it, it exists now.
Hervé Loux , Beer journalist-FR
The Brussels Beer Challenge has arisen to the ranks of top international beer festival at a meteoric rate. The professionalism and passion of its organizers is apparent from the way the beers are handled to the quality of the judges. As a brewer, if you aren't submitting your beers to the Brussels Beer Challenge, you are missing out on an invaluable critique from an international panel.
Lisa Morrison , Beer author& Co-Owner Belmont Station-US
The Brussels Beer Challenge is one of World's beer contests that matter: well-organized, warm atmosphere and in a hartland for brewers and beerlovers.
Sven Gatz , Belgian Minister and beerlover
BBC: for the taster a variety of fresh beers, for the brewer a variety of fresh, straight opinions.
Dr Ir Filip Delvaux , Biercentrum Delvaux
The Brussels Beer Challenge is going from strength-to-strength; professionally run and judged, it is a competition any brewer should enter and be very proud if they win.
Melissa Cole , Beer author-UK
A very wll organized international competition, that is not throwing with medals (as some others do all to often), thanks to the limitation inboth number of categories and in number of winners (normally three, i.e. gold, silver and bronze).
Cark Kins , International Beer judge-BE
Having been a judge since it started I have always been impressed with the professionalism, the impeccable sense of organisation, the quality of my fellow judges and wide range of beers being judged — it’s a formidable competition that every brewery worth its salt should consider entering.
Adrian Tierney-Jones , Beer author-UK
Within a few years only Brussels Beer Challenge has become one of the leading international beer competitions in Europe with judges from around the world participating in an extremely well organized tasting panel. The good thing for us judges is that the competitions gives us both the cosmopolitan flair of an international expert group and the unique Belgium touch as it takes us to experience the country’s wonderful cities and places.
Sylvia Kopp , Former Brewers Association Ambassador of American Craft Beer

Nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo se compone de conocedores de la cerveza altamente cualificados y expertos de distintas disciplinas.


Director General Becomev
Redactor Jefe Bière Grand Cru

De Raedemaeker

Director Brussels Beer Challenge
Redactor Jefe Bière Grand Cru


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