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Inscripción en línea

Si no puede inscribirse en línea, puede hacerlo excepcionalmente descargando el formulario de inscripción y enviándolo por correo postal o electrónico.

Documentos para la inscripción

Cierre de inscripciones

4 de octubre de 2021

y de recepción de las muestras

Publicación de los resultados

22 de noviembre de 2021


¿Cómo inscribirse?

Se validará su inscripción cuando:

  • Habremos recibido su inscripción (en línea o mediante el documento de inscripción) para cada cerveza presentada;
  • Habremos recibido sus muestras: 6 muestras para los envases que contengan menos de 500 ml; 3 para los envases que contengan más de 500 ml;
  • Habremos recibido el pago realizado con tarjeta de crédito (a nombre de «Becomev») para su participación en el concurso.

Costes de inscripción

La tarifa de inscripción se establece en 175 euros (sin IVA) 

El pago de este importe se puede realizar por:

      1. Transferencia bancaria a la cuenta BECOMEV BNP Paribas Fortis BE39 0016 5981 7419 (IBAN), GEBABEBB (Bank Identification Code) del banco BNP Paribas Fortis
      2. Tarjeta de crédito Visa, Mastercard o American Express rellenando el formulario de pago.

Recepción de muestras (antes del 4 de octubre de 2021)

  • Enviar 6 muestras para los productos presentados en envases de 500 ml o menos
  • Enviar 3 muestras para los productos presentados en envases de 500 ml o más

Dirección de entrega:

Becomev – Brussels Beer Challenge
Rue de Mérode 60
B-1060 Bruselas, Bélgica
+32 (0) 2 533 27 75
+32 (0) 2 533 27 61

El reglamento oficial del Brussels Beer Challenge está disponible en inglés



Section 1 – Organisation

The Brussels Beer Challenge (BBC) is organized by Beer Communication Events (BECOMEV) rue de Mérode 60, 1060 Brussels, Belgium (website: www.brusselsbeerchallenge.com).

Section 3 – Competitor

The competition is open, without discrimination, to every commercially-operated brewery/company, which is officially registered according to the respective national laws.

Section 7 – Control and stocking of samples received

The BBC checks the shipments of Beer received and the official documents that accompany them, corrects any possible errors and refuses samples that do not correspond to the following regulations.

      • The labeling of products made in the EU member states must comply with the Community regulations, and for other countries, this must conform to the regulations in force in the country of production.
      • The BBC will sort the samples according to their (Section 4) declarations characteristics or, if necessary, by their obvious characteristics.
      • The organizer will store the samples in a secure place under temperature and atmospheric conditions that will guarantee optimum storage.

The BBC is going to control the award-winning beers by comparing a selection of those products to an anonymously-bought sample from the same beer. A certified laboratory will be in charge of the comparative analysis and the comparative tasting (by a panel of independent beer tasters). In case of serious doubt or proven difference, the BBC reserves the right to cancel the awarded medal, to warn the relevant fraud services (or equivalent) and to expel the implicated producers from all competitions, organized by the BBC for a period of five years. The BBC will inform the brewers involved.

Section 19 – Beyond control events and changes

If an event beyond the control of the BBC was to prevent the contest from happening, the BBC can not under any circumstances held liable.
The BBC reserves the right to cancel the competition, to change the date scheduled of the event, to shorten or lengthen it, to modify the conditions or the operation in case of force majeure (epidemic, fire, flooding, natural catastrophe, strike, terrorist act, act of God, …), or any event beyond their control or deemed justifiably necessary. Their liability cannot thereby be incurred and no compensation can be requested by participants.
The BBC cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss, damage or delay in the delivery of samples.