Dear brewer,


Here are some key dates for the inaugural Brussels Beer Challenge in 2012:

  • New Deadline! Friday October 12, 2012: Closing date for entries
  • From 20 August to 15 October, 2012: Reception of samples
  • From Friday 2 to Sunday November 4, 2012: Inaugural Brussels Beer Challenge
  • Sunday November 4, 2012: Announcement of winners   /   Master Class Beer open to the trade and the public


Entry price per sample is €165.



To enter the Challenge online, create an account using the box on the left side of your screen and follow the different steps. Another box will appear also on the left side of your screen when your account is created and you have logged yourself on the website.



If you prefer to register by mail, the entry form to subscribe your beers and the customer form to help us know your company better, can be downloaded from this page (see below). After filling them in, you have the choice to either send them back via email to or by post to Becomev, Rue de Mérode, 60, 1060, Brussels (Belgium).